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Friday, January 15, 2010

Behind the Quake

The news channels are currently and rightly devoting almost 100% of there air time to the devastating effects of the recent earthquake in Haiti with expected death tolls varying from 50,00 to 500,000 among those UN workers and members of the Government.
However, as I watched the slow slivers of news trickle in and the auto cue spew its facts to the newsreaders about ort au Prince and the crippling damage caused by the 2008 Hurricane season, I could only think of one thing. How soon will it all be forgotten?


Hi blogosphere!

I decided that today should be the day that I start to blog all my thoughts and opinions on the crazy goings on in the world of ours.

Im 19, a languages student and living on the merry old land of Oz (also called Ireland)

I hope that I may do so in a way that is thoughtful, different and who knows you may even get a cheap laugh or two. Ill be covering everything from news and current affairs to music, videogames and film, plus a lot of randomness too.

Please fell free to leave as many angry flaming internet comments as you like. All contributions great and nasty will be welcomed.