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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Randomness: Tokyo' Oldest Woman

Yes on first look this might appear to be a repost but this really remarkably is a different story. Indeed, if you missed my post this time last week on Tokyo's oldest man you might want to take a look at it because it is as a direct result of that eerie finding that this latest revelation has come about.

Sparked by said eerie events the relevant authorities in Tokyo have begun investigating the whereabouts of their cities centenarians. They have now bene forced to start the hunt for Fusa Furuya, said to be Tokyo's oldest living female resident at 103 years of age.

She was said to be living with her daughter. However, her daughter now says she has not seen her mother since 1986 when she moved into her current flat in the megalopolis. She stated however, that she registered her mother's address to her flat and continued paying her health insurance just in case.

The search then moved on to the woman's son who is 71 years of age. The address supplied by the woman's daughter led police to an abandoned construction site. When he was finally tracked down he was just as clueless to his mother's whereabouts as his sister.

Police are also searching for 4 other centenarians in the capital and one in Nagoya. It casts doubt on the validity of Japan's claim to 40,388 people above the age of 100. The society must find a way to better assess the longevity of its residents or else cases of fraud like those of the Kato family may not be such rare events.


  1. i guess the japanese population's average age of death just dropped a few years...

  2. The country really needs to find ways to deal with this situation. It has a greater problem with caring for the elderly than any other nation in the world and I guess right now it is slightly failing.