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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel V Palestine Round ?

No conflict is more saddening or has lasted for a longer time than the dreadful tensions between Israel and Palestine.

After the countless atrocities committed over a period spanning over 100 years we find ourselves remaining entrenched in a never ending struggle between two deeply divided groups. The roots of the conflict are complex to say the least and more so than with many of the world's current conflicts it is difficult to point out a clear villain.

However, the recent assault of the flotilla ship carrying medicines and building materials to the deeply empoverished Palestinian people surely is a step too far. The Israelis attacked the ship as it circumvented the channels through which the Israelis allow goods to be transported into Gaza. The result, the loss of civilian lives.

While international response has indeed generally been rightfully to condemn the Israelis for this ridiculous act of state terror I believe that it does not go far enough. Why has the entire world not come out in string condemnation of the Isreli resettlement of large areas of the West Bank and the blockade of the Gaza strip one of the world's most densely populated areas?

Does no-one remember the many European leaders who rightfully denounced George Bush's war on Iraq? Surely if America was doing a similar thing on its own teritory the media would not be so muted. Could it be that the world is willing to turn a blind eye for fear of upsetting a majority Jewish population? The Holocaust was of course one of the most ragic events of the last century a hopefully never repeated attrocity. However, we cannot simply turn a blind eye to the horrible tragedies occuring in the iddle east every day simply out of guilt.

Like I said the conflict is complex and their is not a typically clear victim. However, the world most not be afraid to enforce justice when Israel acts up.

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