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Sunday, June 27, 2010

You got News in my Opinion

There are many things about America that perplex me entirely. One, is how it matters hugely how much of a God fearing man a President is. I can safely declare now that if our own Prime Minister was to proclaim " God bless you and God bless Ireland", he would most certainly be laughed at by all of those listening to his speech.

Second, how the largest economy in the world has only recently passed any form of universal healthcare is completely beyond the imagination of those of us in Ireland and the UK at least. The fact it has constantly faced controversy is even more unimaginable.However, as someone with a mild interest in journalism the state of journalism in America is totally shocking for me.

One of the major laws in broadcasting in Irish and British society (I mention Britain because Ireland receives a lot of UK based media also) is impartiality.  The BCI (Broadcasting commission of Ireland enforces strict content laws on the broadcasting of any material on TV which may be deemed to be in support of any political organisation. It also bans product placement. For example, recently on Ireland's highest rated talk show The Late Late Show an interview with Gabriel Byrne was broadcast LIVE in which he made a short endorsement for a candidate in the local elections. The broadcasting channel has since faced disciplinary action for not reproaching the guest and pointing out the many other available candidates on the ballot. Also if you watch American idol in America you will probably notice the judges drinking from cups emblazoned with the coca cola logo. In Ireland these are shown blurred.

While opinion is acceptable in papers and print media, in this country televised news and current affairs programming  must remain completely impartial. That is why watching American televised news is honestly an extraordinary event. And no network is more obviously bias than the fox network. It appears to me (and of course this blog contains nothing but opinion) that fox is nothing more than  a propaganda group for the Republican party. Their Fox News Channel includes notable Republican mouthpieces Bill O' Reily, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck with daily shows spouting the ills of progressivism and the far left (even "Communist") Obama administration. Take a look at the following video made by the people at

So, some of you must be thinking aren't people wise enough to know that what they are hearing is opinion and  not fact. Sure, some can but if you grow up in a household where people believe and support the Fox news message and you grow up with that same rhetoric shoved down your throat as news then surely some of it will stick.

I write an opinion based blog on international news on the internet. I never profess for it to be anything other than it is. I never claim to be "Fair and Balanced" and I don't believe that others should have the right to masquerade their own opinions as news to an audience of millions across America. The news is a place for facts not a political platform to propagate the ideas of single men or women no better than us or each other.

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