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Monday, May 9, 2011

EU imposes arms embargo in Syria

The 27 state European Union has imposed an arms embargo on the beleaguered Middle Eastern Nation of Syria. Part of the so-called Arab Spring Syria has seen numerous anti-Government protests in the past few weeks, many of which have seen increasingly shocking and violent repercussions from the regime of President Assad.

Amateur video captured around the country reports troops backed by armoured tanks entering the main cities and rounding up civilians and the regime continues to block the entrance of journalists into the state. In the past six weeks, unofficial reports have stated that 3000 have been jailed and hundreds more have sacrificed their lives in the hopes of independence.

 This new sanction follows events Friday when a number of top Syrian officials were sanctioned and the US has threatened to take further steps if the crackdown on protests continue. However, internationally there has been no consensus on what to do about Syria and it appears to me that these sanctions will clearly fall on deaf ears. As usual in these circumstances it is the civilians who will suffer the most.

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