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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornadoes Ravage the South of America

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
As the world *sigh* celebrated the Royal *sigh* wedding on Friday the people of the Southern states in America were dealing with the aftermath of a multitude of terrifying tornadoes in concentration across 6 states. As of today the lives of some 340 people were claimed by the extreme weather conditions, the majority of which some from the State of Alabama.

The city of Tuscaloosa was badly effected with officials reporting 1,600 people were treated by medical personnel. 31counties among the state's  67 were effected by the storms. President Obama signed the State's state of emergency act and has ordered the mobility of federal services to supplement the local efforts.

 The city of Hackleburg, Alabama has essentially been leveled by the disaster and 29 people in the town of 1,600 lost their lives. On the 28th of April the National Weather Service began carrying out a survey of the scale of the disaster. Owing to its scope the results may not be released for weeks.

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