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Friday, April 29, 2011

Opinion: In Protest Against the Royal Wedding

To many people in this world of ours, the impending nuptuals of Prince William and Kate Middleton will mean precious little. To me these people are what could be described as mentally sane; for fewer things in this world irritate me more than the coverage of the wedding between one man and one woman, one of whom happens to have been born into an overpaid, underworked family.

I think it is fair to say I am not the greatest supporter of the British monarchy, or indeed any monarchy for that matter. The very idea of handing over millions of pounds to a group of people based solely on their bloodline is in many ways the most ugly manifestation of the human condition Ihqve ever zitnessed. We should celebrate talent and achievement and protect our societies most vulnerable not commend its most henious decadencies.

However, I realise that many people in Britain are in support of the monarchic institution and therefore as it is their taxes that fund it they should be entitled to join in the festivities. It is the media coverage that really irks me, particularly that in the Irish media.

Ireland is a small nation with close ties to our British neighbours but also a chequered history. All major British networks are available in most Irish homes and British shops fill up the majority of the Irish high streets. However, there remains to some extent tensions between the two nations over the disputed North of Ireland and memories of our colonistaion which only fully ended in the early 1920s.

Did anyone hear Diana died?
Now I am by no means Nationalistic and I don't believe that Irish people are wrong to watch the wedding out of sense of patriotism. The above statement is more so to emphasis the ties between our two nations than what speerates us however, I wonder why the only two television broadcasters in this nation are streaming the wedding from early tomorrow morning until its conclusion. I mean we are definitely seperate nations, we established that in 1921 so to stream this event, to me, is as bizarre as streaming the marriage of the monarchs of Monaco or Spain. I feel no connection to these people, their tradition or their beliefs and wonder why any citizen outside the Commonwealth should be so involved in something of zero consequence to them.

I don't mean to put a dampener on a day which has such significance for so many people but I for one will not be brewing the twinnings and buttering up the crumpets tomorrow.  To me the perfect fairytale wedding should remain just that, a fairytale.

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