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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Obama's Birth Certificate

Barrack Obama

In the past few hours President Barack Obama has released the long form copy of his birth certificate confirming he is in fact an American Citizen. Perhaps the headline should have read "Hussein" in American birth shocker or maybe another obvious choice would have been "PresidentTtakes Bizarre Decision to Prove he is American".

Numerous people have questioned the President as to his nationality since he began the race for the White House as far back as the last Democratic Caucases.  One of the most notable of these critics is business tycoon and presenter of the US version of The Apprentice, Donald Trump. He has humbly stated his personal pride in "accomplishing someting no-one lese has accomplised. I am really honoured to have played such a big role in hopefuly getting rid of the issue". President Obama's comments on the issue were more dismissive of Mr. Trump's "achievement". He claimed, " We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do".

The reason for this entre controversy stems from the law in the US that states that those only naturally born US citizens can be allowed to occupy the highest office in the country. This means that if Obama was shown to have been born in his father's home nation of Kenya , then he would not be leigible to have been President. Other skeptics have argued that Obama should not be eligible due to the fact he was born on the offshore island State of Hawaii.

To me this entire arguement appears ridiculous. Barrack Obama received close to 70 million votes in the last US Presedential Election to John McCain's 60 million. This figure, represents a clear mandate from the American people, whether Black or White, Repulican or Democrat, American or Kenyan. The current President of Ireland was technically born in the United Kingdom and while this is a ceremonial office which I dispise completely I see no diminished capactity form her for this fact.

While I understand there is a considerable depth of patriotism in America, it would be wise for this nation to remember that it was built by immigrants and is considered a bastion of hope for many people wishing to achieve the often touted "American Dream". Barracj Obama perhaps represents the fullest realisation of this dream and perhaps in the future with a more open American people, any US citizen regardless of place of birth may be able to rise to office in the nation they call home.

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