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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Randomness: The Tattoo and the Murder Conviction

Anthony Garcia
Tattoos are something that often polarizes opinion. While some consider them a beautiful form of body art, others consider them a  painful laser surgery waiting to happen ( or at least something to be regretted down the line). Few, I would be willing to bet, would consider them possible evidence in a murder trial.

This weeks Weekend Randomness deals with the case of one Anthony Garcia who hails from the city of Los Angeles, California. In 2004 Garcia was arrested regarding driving offenses and while in custody had his tattoos photographed by the police.  Fast forward 4 years and LA Sergent Kevin Lloyd was searching through a mugshot book when he happened on the picture of a bare chested Garcia.

The Sergent had been puzzled for years as to the murderer of John Juarez a member of the rival Pico Rivera gang in a Hispanic neighbourhood in the city. As he saw Mr Garcia's tattoos he realised that the emblazoned across his chest was a map of the crime scene where Juarez was gunned down. Just below his next were the words Rivera Kills. The victim shown in the tattoo is a Mr Peanut character. The Pico Rivera gang which the victim belonged to were known as the Peanuts commonly in the area.

After Mr Garcia was taken in for questioning he was placed into a cell accompanied by two undercover officers. They asked about his tattoo to which he proudly explained the whole story, then recorded on tape. Garcia is due to be sentenced at Norwalk superior Court on May 19. He could face as much as 65 years or life in prison.

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