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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Arizona Immigration Debate

All over America people have argued the legality of the proposed Arizona immigration bill, parts of which have come into effect today. Just yesterday the Obama administration won a key victory when parts of the bill were deemed unconstitutional  by District Judge Sarah Bolton. The moved has angered many republicans in the border state which suffers greatly from the immigration crisis.

The Governor of the State Jan Brewer is planning to appeal the decision of the judge and it looks likely the bill will be taken to the supreme court. Many other states across America were considering enacting similar laws and now it seems there pans may have hit a roadblock.

So what exactly was removed from the bill and what in fact has come into law?  The judge removed the part of the law which allowed for police officers to randomly question a person on their immigration status if they believe thye are in the country illegally. It also removed the right of police to arrest without warrant anyone they expect of being subject to deportation.Forcing people to carry their immigration details on them at all times was also taken out of the bill and so was the stipulation banning "aliens" from apply for, solicit or perform work.

However, from today so called "sanctuary cities" have now been outlawed from today. These were places with liberal immigration laws that made it easier for illegal immigrants. Also sanctions will now be imposed on any employer who gives day work to illegal immigrants.

The issue has driven a rift between the state and federal Government, between those who believe the issue should be dealt with locally and those who believe it is a matter for the central administration. While Obama has indeed one the battle the war s far from over.


  1. Very tricky situation, and I'm still not entirely sure where I stand. On the one hand, it's very important for the US to secure its borders, and yet I can still sympathize with those who are just trying to make a life for themselves.

    If it weren't for the drug wars and the criminals and the national security risks, I'm not sure there'd be a problem. At least, I don't think it'd be as much of an issue.

    But, as I don't live on a border state, I can't provide a fully informed opinion.

  2. Similarly as an Irish person Im not fully informed. There is actually a simlar debate happening closer to home in Britain.

    In times of recession I think that xenophobia can intensify because people believe that somehow immigrants are stealing jobs.

    However, I know in America the situation is different as these people crossing the border are bringing crime and drugs with them to a greater extent than in the EU.

    I think he US does need stricter immigration controls but the parts outlawed by the judge were siimply racist in my opinion. We can counter immigration without becoming biggoted.

    Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.