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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Iraq Inquiry

Today all eyes in Britain were on Hans Blix as he made his appearance before the chairs of the Iraq Enquiry. For those of you who may have forgotten (or who haven't yet seen Team America) Blix worked for the UN as chief weapons  inspector at the time George W Bush threw charges at the administration of Saddam Hussein of harbouring nuclear weapons, or what have now become known as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Of course we now know that Blix found no such ammunitions but the US swears by its belief stating that they were concealed from the inspector. However, later reports confirmed that Iraq had abandoned its weapons programme many years ago. Blix has since become a staunch opponent of the Iraq war. he claimed that the U.S. was "high on military" at the inquiry saying it believed it could get away with anything.
So what is the purpose of the Iraq inquiry? It is intended to report on how the British nation handled the conflict and make recommendations on how it could handle future conflicts should they arise. What is not within its remit is to hypothesize on the legality or otherwise of the struggle. The two main political parties in Britain believed in the War however the party of the deputy Prime Minister has professed its illegality when speaking for his coalition partner in the house of Commons last week.

With popular support for the War standing at all time lows and evidence at an absolute zero as regards why Bush decided to invade Iraq. There are so many countries in this world with brutal and opressive dictators., why single out sadam? The US supported Pol Pot , a man exponentially crueler. It is hard to argue against Blix. He was there and saw first hand who the Americans got their information from. Perhaps the inquiry isnt going far enough. The Inquiry's report is expected sometime around the turn of the year.

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