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Friday, July 2, 2010

Do as we Say and as we Do

Site Note: Hey again guys. I'm back home from my couple of days at the beautiful house of a great friend so this post will be out live. I apologise for some of the recent quality issues with some of my posts. They have been edited. But now back to the news

As a very willing student of socio-linguistics the story I am writing about today is something somewhat close to my heart.The persecution of people and discrimination against certain languages is something that I am must staunchly against.

According to our lecturer it was the policy of the former Republican administration to ensure the workplace remained a place of English only.  The treatment of four Philipino nurses in Baltimore. The group of 4 allege that the sole reason for their April 16th was the that they were heard speaking in their native Tagalog tongue while on a lunch break in the ER in which they were working.

This particular hospital made its staff sign its "Emergency Department Expectations" which laid down guidelines that staff should only speak English while on duty. While it is impossible to argue against the use of a standard language in emergency and moments of critical communicative importance, forcing  a group to speak in a language that they don't want do in a leisurely context is surely  ( and I use the phrase in full knowledge of how irritating and stupid it is) anti-American.

America is famed as the nation where the constitution stands alongside the Bible in people's hearts and free speech is protected like it was Middle Eastern oil. So isn't forbidding people to express themselves in a completely legal manner of their choosing the ultimate indictment of the principle Americans are said to hold so dear. A complaint on the nurses behalf has been lodged by the Migrant Heritage Commission to the Us Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of the fired nurses.

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