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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breaking Hostage Situation in Maryland

Reports are surfacing tonight of a potential hostage situation in the American State of Maryland. An armed man said to be of Asian descent has stormed the headquarters of the Discovery channel in a commuter belt town, Silversprings, near to the capital Washington D.C.

The building also houses a number of other companies such as architectural practices. The man is said to not only be carrying firearms but also has explosives strapped to his person. He has demanded a meeting with top officials at the corporation. It is clear he has some grievance with the group.
Employees at some of the upper floors have been told to lock themselves into their offices.The man is also said to have taken at least one hostage. There has also been unconfirmed reports of a gun shot heard inside the building. A day care centre also housed in the building has been evacuated. Authorities are in contact with the individual in question.

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