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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl Closes in on the East Coast

Every hurricane season the media latches on to the prospect of another storm reaking catastrophic damage to the people of the Carribean and the US. This year it is the turn of hurricane Earl to get it moment in the spotlight, and it couldnt have come at a worse time, on the Eve of the Labour Day weekend in the US that would usually draw scores of Americans to the beach one last time before the Summer bids farewell.

The strength of the hurricane had been moved to a category four storm before being downgraded. However, as of 3A.M this morning it had again been upgraded with winds as strong as 135 miles per hour. The Hurricane has also been generating waves as high as 50 feet and is certainy the strongest of the 2010 Hurricane season.

Earl has already battered numerous islands in the Carribean already causing between 100 and 150 million dollars in damages. It has now caused the evacuation of thousands on what are known as the barrier islands on the North Carolina Coast. Authorities fear that if all residents are not evacuated in time the impending storm may make the route to the mainland impassable.

President Obama has declared a disaster situation in the state and ordering federal aid to support a relief effort. A shift to either the East or West could spell significant damage either on the US east Coast or other islands offshore. Experts are most concerned for the island of Haiti rocked by an Earthquake earlier in the year. Many people are still displaced and the damage that could be done by Earl would be ruin months of disaster relief efforts in the still struggling Carribean nation.

Tropical storm Fiona is hot on the heels of Earl however, experts are predicting it will fizzle out in the next few days.

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