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Friday, September 3, 2010

Rioting in Mozambique

At least one person has died following a second day of rioting in the Mozambican capital of Maputo. At least 37 more are injured after the police fired live rounds into the crowds in order to try to disperse demonstrators.

Mozambicans are protesting a recent rise in the price of bread, fuel and other staple goods.The reason for the price hike is due to the appreciation of of the South African Rand against the Mozambican currency.According to reports the Government is already subsidising food, gas and other goods. Jose Pacheo, Minister for the Interior has called for calm and urged parents to control their teenagers.

It seems the protesters aren't out in as large a number today as they were yesterday. Police had fired warning shoots into the air yesterday to try to disperse protesters, however, they did shoot into the crowds at periods when they were under pressure. State media reported the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. However, demonstrators stated that live rounds were used.

Police have also been seen chasing teenagers who set car tires on fire and engaged in other disruptive acts. In total 32 shops were vandalized and at least 6 cars were vandalized or burnt out. As well as this the offices of telephone and electrical offices were raided and the warehouses of food companies were looted.

Reports from the main news agency in the nation stated that credible sources were reporting as many as ten deaths from the riots. 142 people were arrested and officials stated that the casualty totals were likely to rise. The President has also addressed the nation appealing for calm but offering no economic solution to the problem.

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