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Monday, September 6, 2010

Terrorism Continues in Northern Ireland

People North and South of the Border in Ireland were shocked today when an 8 year old boy found a pipe bomb lying in the playground when he arrived into school early this morning. The boy from Co- Antrim in the North East arrived first into the school to deliver milk to the classrooms before the other students arrived.

The boy then brought the bomb into the school for a time with him before then alerting a teacher of the alarming discovery. The 400 students in the school were then evacuated to a nearby Church Hall before later being sent home. The bomb was declared viable by experts and is undergoing further forensic examinations.

Another bomb scare was reported at a school in the locality this morning, however, it later turned out to have been a hoax. This school also included a nursery section. Councillors and lobby groups have condemned the attacks, particularly their locations and timing. The attacks happened just a week into the new school term and have frightened many students who are attending for the first time and startlled others.

While these attacks can only be condemned, no matter who the culprit is it is fair to say that attacks North of the border in Ireland have quitened significantly since the links between the IRA and republican group Sinn Fein have become apparently weaker (at least in public) and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1999. In three decades of sectarian conflict between a largely Catholic republican movement and a largely Protestant Unionist movement over 3,000 were killed. A power-sharing agreement between parties representing both groups is now in place.

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